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Innovant + TPG Architecture Wine & Cheese Event

Last week, a team from TPG Architecture gathered at Innovant’s Manhattan showroom for a cocktail reception and product review. This event marks an exciting moment for both companies as TPG will be moving to its new NYC office, which has been specified with Innovant’s FORm_office product.

Innovant Case Study: Societe Generale


With Societe Generale’s US Headquarters lease set to expire in September 2013, the Director of Facilities Management organized an executive committee to study the efficiencies of moving as opposed to renovating. Upon the completion of those studies, it became clear that the company would benefit from moving its headquarters to a
new site.

In addition to this location change, Societe Generale evaluated workplace strategy, determining that it would build out a large trading oor with over 1,200 seats and create “neighborhoods” of benching for its 600+ administrative employees. The bank embarked on an expedition, reviewing all the major manufactures in order to find a vendor that could achieve the required functionality – including adequate privacy and personal storage – while also reflecting Societe Generale’s sophisticated aesthetic standards.  


After a thorough review and comparison of the major manufacturers’ product offering, price and on-site mockups, Innovant was chosen for both the benching and trading desk solutions. This decision stemmed from numerous details in Innovant’s product design that set them apart from the competition. The product is “sturdy, well built, and easy to assemble due to its unistrut frame. The desktop design, monitor arm track and undercarriage framework for wire management are well thought out and manufactured with the highest quality materials.”

Throughout the mockup process, Innovant prevailed in terms of aesthetics, quality and framework. As a result, FORm_trading was chosen to outfit the bank’s trading floor. The product incorporated tailored technology management solutions for CPU housing and access, as well as bespoke personal storage pedestals for a premium fit and finish. Innovant’s proven sensitivity when using sophisticated materials and superior finishing capabilities resulted in the bank’s selection of FORm_office for its administrative benching. The bank’s “neighborhoods” incorporated tailored millwork storage units and end-of-row storage centers using mitered construction. These finely-finished elements afford employees a sense of enclosure despite working in open plan.


By presenting the best solutions for both the trading and benching scopes of this job, Innovant could provide a single-source solution for Societe Generale. Since then, both the FORm_office and FORm_trading installations have received “rave reviews from the end-user community as they are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.”

Check out other case studies on Innovant’s website.


Innovant Wins Furniture Contract for TPG Architecture’s New Offices

imageTPG Architecture has specified Innovant’s award-winning FORm_office open plan office furniture for its new offices.

Set to move in January, the company will relocate from Park Avenue South to 31 Penn Plaza, just southeast of the future Hudson Yards area. The 215-person, Manhattan-based firm has elected to furnish its office with Innovant’s standard FORm_office bench.

In the past, TPG has introduced the FORm_office product line to many of the firm’s large projects, including Havas Worldwide, Rothschild, and DraftFCB. This time, TPG will enjoy the product themselves.

“Apart from delivering a product with clean aesthetics, Innovant’s unique ability to weave a design firm’s signature details and special requirements into its furniture without a negative impact on cost or lead time makes us a very attractive supplier.” – Bruce Wells, Director of Marketing & Development at Innovant

This win serves as another instance of design firms such as Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, and M Moser choosing to work with Innovant to furnish the workstations for their new offices. The product’s popularity within the design community is clear, with more firms drawn to the intelligence and function of the bench electing to highlight Innovant’s distinctive FORm_office leg profile.

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These photographs tell a small part of a large project story. Our client sought a single furniture solution that could service multiple divisions and subsidiary companies. Thus, the decision was made that Innovant’s FORm_office bench would meet the client’s range of needs in its various iterations. For touchdown workers, FORm_office’s basic spec was chosen, while creatives work at FORm_office Standing Height and studio workers sit at FORm_office Adjustable Height.

For the full story about this installation, please look out for our upcoming case study.


Proud to share these beautiful photos from our recent installation downtown.

Client: Havas Worlwide

Designer: TPG Architecture

Location: New York, NY

Featured Product: FORm_office, FORm_office Adjustable Height, and FORm_office Standing Height