FORm_office is a sophisticated benching system that has numerous personalization options that make working at your desk an even more pleasurable experience. Within FORm_office lies superior cable management, technology accommondations and rugged superstructure which round the intelligent engineering and clean, contemporary design of FORm_office. 

Since 2009, over 20,000 positions of FORm_office have been sold in North America, making it one of the top-selling open plan furniture product lines in the world.


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FORm_office Sit-to-Stand Benching

In 2012, Innovant introduced integrated electric height adjustability into our FORm_office benching line, subsequently winning Best in Benching Category at NeoCon. Surfaces are individually adjustable to suit user requirements, and can be supplied as adjustable on Day-1, or retrofitted for adjustability on Day-2 with minimum effort.

All of Innovant's adjustable height furniture products come with a sophisticated anti-collision technology called Piezo. Piezo technology senses pressure caused by collisions in both the up and down directions, automatically stops the desk from adjusting and reverses 1" in the opposite direction.

FORm_office 120˚Configurations

The 120° furniture configuration has long been a favorite of specifiers seeking an organic feel to space planning. FORm_office can be easily specified in such configurations and integrated with linear configurations as well. The result is the signature FORm_office aesthetic with many of the line’s features and options in a dramatic new layout. Already recognized in prestigious, award-winning installations, 120° FORm_office benching is perfect for clients seeking a blend of open plan collaboration and personal space privacy.

Available on both fixed height and sit-to-stand versions of FORm_office.