Since winning NeoCon Gold for adjustable height benching in 2012, Innovant has been pioneering sit-to-stand desk design and REX Benching is the latest innovation of this concept. Refinements in engineering and wholly unique design details make REX the ideal product for office environments requiring a clean, smart aesthetic with unmatched cabling and technology management. Available in linear, 120° and L-shaped configurations, REX Benching can be easily specified and complemented with a series of smart storage and accessories, delivered in 8 weeks or less.

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Intelligent Power and Cabling: 

Multiple wiring schematics are available for REX to create the tidiest wire management solution. Electrics and data can be delivered to each position through optional transverse raceways or interstitial distribution hubs. Electrics are also available beneath the worksurface with excess cabling captured and concealed beneath fold-down bunks for a neat and organized workstation.

120° Configurations

REX is also available in beautifully engineered 120° configurations and interconnected with linear REX to create dramatic office layouts.

Anti-Collision Feature (video)

All of Innovant's adjustable height furniture products come with a sophisticated anti-collision technology called Piezo. Piezo technology senses pressure caused by collisions in both the up and down directions, automatically stops the desk from adjusting and reverses 1" in the opposite direction. This feature is engineered primarily to protect the lifting mechanisms from abuse but also provides a safer operating environment for the user.