Where is Innovant product manufactured?

Innovant product is manufactured and assembled at our production facility on Long Island, NY. 

What is Innovant’s warranty?

Our standard warranty is 10 years. Extended warranties are sometimes available. 
For further details, please download Innovant’s 2019 Warranty>

What are Innovant Lead Times?

Standard products in the NOW Collection (REX adjustable height tables and benching, NIGEL Desking, NIGEL Collaboration, FORm_AV, and Ag Monitor Arms) are available in 8 weeks.

NEO Trading Desks, the FORm_office family of workstations and benching along with tailored PRIVATE_office products are typically offered with a 10-12 week lead time subject to the level of tailoring involved.

Innovant has product displays in showrooms in the following cities: New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, & Los Angeles.

Where is Innovant product available for viewing? 

Innovant provides specification services for clients, dealers & designers. Many standard products are available in the 20/20 database, enabling licensed users to build 2D & 3D drawings of our products and generate list pricing.

How are Innovant’s products specified?

Innovant has standard and preferred dealers in several cities. Products sold into the trading desk marketplace can be sold direct by Innovant at our discretion, although many trading desk orders are sold through dealers. The majority of direct sale trading desk orders are in New York and Chicago. A small handful of strategic end-users have furniture contracts directly with Innovant and separate service contracts with their preferred dealers.

What is Innovant’s dealer partnership policy?

Innovant maintains a zoned-structured discount format, offering discounts based on region and total list price. Included in the net price is freight to a local dealer warehouse. On direct sales for trading desk projects, pricing is net and freight is charged separately.

What are Innovant’s pricing, discount &freight policies?

The Innov-8 multi-circuit system can be specified Title 24 compliant, whether 3+1 or 2+2. The compliance can be met via two scenarios.

Scenario 1: Circuits will be controlled within the building power breaker panel and not within the furniture. In this case, Innov-8 can be specified as usual. However, Innovant needs to understand which circuit within the system is to be the controlled circuit. All controlled circuit duplex must have an additional decal specified, and may also be specified with an alternative color.

Scenario 2: Should Title 24 requirement be within the furniture and not within the building power breaker panel; this will either be part of a ‘new build’ or ‘retrofit to existing’

For details, please download the Innov-8™ Title 24 Compliance Document >

How do Innovant products comply with Title 24?