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Desking with Personality

With legendary lines, minimalist construction and clever features, NIGEL strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity. Boasting a modern, yet classic design, NIGEL comes in a colorful finish palette, allowing designers and clients to achieve a signature aesthetic. Collaborative and mobile office workers across different industries - from technology to media, or real estate and design - can build a home with NIGEL by personalizing their space with unique storage and connectivity features.


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Cabling & Electrics: 

Cabling from the floor is delivered up through the 3” gaps inside transitional legs and concealed by optional magnetically secured cover panels. Addon tray(s) secured to cross rails below the worktop contain and hide loose cabling. Excess cabling from the desktop is contained within 24”W cable catch trays on the underside of the work surface. These modular attachment elements keep cabling up tight below the work surface and not visible to the causal observer. Cabling is then delivered to the desktop through a gap in the central infill.

NIGE also comes standard with pre-configured multi-circuit power under the desktop. A number of flush mount and pop-up options are available at the back of the worksurface for desktop power, data, USB charging, HDMI and other connectivity.

Features and Design Details

NIGEL offers open plan desking in a minimalist, yet stylish aesthetic that draws upon the universally admired Parsons Desk frame design. Consistent with all Innovant products, NIGEL delivers a clean aesthetic with intelligent and purposeful features. From integrated privacy to clever storage solutions, NIGEL's smart user-centric features support productivity in the workplace.

Finishes & Materials

NIGEL comes in a colorful finish palette, allowing designers and clients to achieve a signature aesthetic. Vibrant frame colors include crimson, persimmon, daffodil, lime, aquamarine, teal, bordeaux, and flamingo. 

Standard, soft touch and wood grain laminates are popular.   Veneers and reconstituted veneers are also available in a variety of finishes and sheen levels.