Innovant is the exclusive US distributor for JEB Partitions, a leading global supplier of modern office demountable walls. JEB Partitions maximize the design and functionality of your office, transforming any space into a harmonious working environment. Our team of experienced partition professionals in New York can present each of the 4 product lines we offer at our flagship showroom. Scroll down to learn more or contact us to arrange a showroom visit.

X-Series | Summit | Brooklyn | Integra | Divide


The X-Series aluminum framed partition system is the most versatile offering, with a kit of parts allowing for endless opportunities in design and performance.

The X-Series provides a simple yet elegant single or double-glazed partition that has one of the highest acoustic ratings available worldwide. The system is available in our range of high quality finishes and is well stocked in Central Asia enabling quick lead times around the world.




Summit responds to the constant market challenges that drove the JEB team to develop a partition with a perfect balance of cost-efficiency and performance.

Central to the Summit system is its glazed, narrow-frame acoustic sliding door. Designed to offer maximum acoustic performance and reliability, the single or double-glazed Summit system performs like no other and comes with ISO certified laboratory testing. All of JEB’s doors can be used within the partition system, providing maximum flexibility and choice.

Its lightweight design with minimal extrusions and parts provide superior building tolerance and simplicity of installation, helping contractors achieve an exceptional standard of workmanship with minimal labor costs and time.




The release of Brooklyn will abolish any need for plain and uninteresting office partitions that are commonly used to divide space. Inspired by the past but tailored to today’s modern environment, the Brooklyn system is a key element in creating an office space with a subtle art deco or warehouse feel. The contours and contrasting elements have been measured to the finest detail, providing a system that will give a modern edge within a stylish office environment.




The Integra movable acoustic system has been designed to provide the perfect integration framework for glass and solid operable partition walls. Offered complete with matching vertical stiles and purpose-designed 2 and 3-way junctions, the Integra system effortlessly creates a cohesive, sophisticated environment for meetings, private work or client-facing areas.

Integra 8 glazed operable partition panels are now available with switchable glass, not only creating flexible space, but delivering instantaneous visual privacy or light transmission.

Integra T is available in four thicknesses with varying acoustic performance levels while also being able to accommodate projects with lower budgets. These acoustic partition systems help to ensure privacy and security whether in meeting rooms, task areas or executive offices.


In response to the dynamic demands of today’s workplaces, the DIVIDE partition system has been developed to maximize mobility and flexibility while maintaining a streamlined and sleek appearance. Panels come in an unlimited range of finishes and simply hook on to the load bearing structure. This makes DIVIDE the perfect option for companies needing future flexibility in their workplace.