For over a quarter of a century, Innovant has proven itself the preeminent trading desk manufacturer in North America, with more than half of the twenty largest global investment banks in the US considering Innovant their standard trading desk supplier. After galvanizing market leadership with our FORm trading desk line since 2007, Innovant is proud to introduce our next-generation trading desk, NEO.


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Design Objectives: 


Seeking to set a new benchmark for performance and aesthetics, the Innovant design team (INNstudio) established several key design objectives for NEO. Performance demands from the marketplace varied substantially, so NEO had to deliver top-tier solutions for numerous technology configurations. Aesthetics had to demonstrate that even technology-intensive furniture – like trading desks – can be sleek and contemporary. Height adjustability had to be easily adaptable and sophisticated in its execution. The overall design also had to redefine technology management while providing the finest user experience.


NEO trading desks are engineered to be height adjustable, but can be specified as fixed height. Day-2 conversion to adjustable height is a simple process: order a limited kit of parts and install them onto the desk. NEO is the fastest convertible desk in the industry, saving clients time and money. Our lifting columns are the highest quality in the world and come with an integrated anti-collision sensor for the safest possible operation. Controlled by any one of a dozen different control switches, NEO’s height adjustment option is unmatched in terms of features, quality and reliability.

Adjustable Height Conversion:


Technology Configurations:

NEO comes in a series of four standard configurations. Each one accommodates different CPU containment requirements. With Innovant’s advanced engineering, all four options feature sophisticated cable management, easy equipment installation or access, and state-of-the-art thermal management.


MAX:  Full Containment Configuration.

When maximum volume is required for CPU storage, NEO’s full containment is advised. This configuration houses CPUs behind full-height doors, convecting the heat generated within the technology enclosure and exhausting it through the central air plenum. CPUs within MAX can be positioned on fixed shelves or carts.


ELEVATE: Raised Containment Configuration.

Raised containment is a popular NEO configuration when deploying fewer, smaller CPUs or thin client devices. ELEVATE boasts height-selectable technology shelving with retractable access doors that create additional storage or legroom below.

MODULARFreestanding Mobile Configuration.

The Freestanding Mobile Enclosure suits environments that require 1 or 2 CPUs per user. Available in 2 sizes: 8“W and 15”W (accommodating up to 2 CPUs), this configuration features open front enclosures that house typical tower or SFF CPUs. These portable units can be pulled out from under the desk for service or installation. MODULAR is also the most economical option for protecting and securing technology in a trading environment.

OPEN: No CPU Containment Configuration.

With limited CPU specs or restrictive budgets, OPEN is a popular configuration. Instead of a CPU enclosure, this configuration covers the desk frame’s transition legs with panels that conceal cabling. Thin clients can be positioned on the technology tray below the worktop, while CPUs – if any – can be suspended on slings beneath the desk or left freestanding on either the desktop or floor.


Trading Desk Display Support

Innovant's Ag Monitor Arms are ideal for multi-display support on today's trading floors. From 24" - 43" displays, Ag Arms can be efficiently specified for a flexible support solution.