The WSJ Says Goodbye to the Office Cubicle

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Say Goodbye to the Office Cubicle, Ben Kesling describes how workplace design has changed to reflect the way people now work. He states that “postcubicle offices began to crop up in earnest about a decade ago, inspired by changes in the way people worked. They feature lower walls between desks, or even no walls, and more areas designed for conversation, to encourage impromptu problem-solving sessions.”

Apart from the benefit of increasing productivity with open plan office environments, Kesling explains that benching helps “shrink [the] space and costs” of previous office plans. Other benefits of benching include “workspace flexibility” and the sense that workers are no longer “tethered to [their] workstations.”

We join the WSJ in saying farewell to the confines of the cubicle. Hello to flexible, open plan workplaces.