Talk to Me

From now until November 7, Paola Antonelli’s Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects will be featured as the newest exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. There are over 200 projects that actively explore the communication that exists between people and the inanimate objects that surround us. Each and everyday we go about our lives without thinking about the way the things in our lives are talking to us. Whether in subtle or subliminal ways, they make our lives easier and transform the way we live and communicate with one another.

Designers today help us to develop and improve this dialog, by transforming how objects are being used in all different forms of life. The exhibition focuses on objects that involve a direct interaction, such as interfaces, information systems, visualization design, and communication devices, and on projects that establish an emotional, sensual, or intellectual connection with their users. Especially within the furniture world, designers everyday are focused around this concept of how their design will speak to the people it interacts with. They try to bridge the gap between animate and inanimate, in order to inspire and stimulate the people that interact with their design. 

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