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How Safe is Your Sit to Stand Desk? [Video]

The importance of safety and quality in height adjustable tables and workstations, by Bruce Wells.


They have arrived. After years of toe-in-the-water contemplation by real estate and facilities executives, height adjustable workstations are now being specified for everyone.

I won’t comment on the associated health benefits, which individuals rely upon to offset the negative impacts of “sitting too much.” Height adjustability in the workplace can’t hurt, right? 

Or can it?

As someone who has developed height adjustable solutions for clients over many years, I can confidently say that customers now seem to be committing to these workstations because they are suddenly more affordable. Competition has made them affordable. But competition has also driven many manufacturers in a race to the bottom regarding quality, functionality, and most disconcertingly, safety.

We demand that machine operators, carpenters and electricians be properly certified in their field of work to ensure their own safety as well the safety of others. However, we provide only optional guidelines to the soon-to-be millions of motorized desk operators in the US.

There are some products on the market with built-in sensors to stop and reverse the operation of an adjustable desk upon contact with an obstruction - whether an object or worse, a human obstruction like hands and fingers. At Innovant, we refuse to compromise safety and have made this capability standard for all our adjustable height products. This anti-collision technology was initially developed to protect the motor within the desk, but it offers a significant safety feature for users. Of course, a feature like this costs a little bit more.

Not only do furniture RFPs rarely indicate this as a mandatory performance requirement, few people ever ask what level of anti-collision sensitivity is built into the products they buy because they don’t know what a “safe level” means. As a result, we now have an influx of questionable quality machinery, (particularly from low-cost manufacturing regions) getting incorporated into furniture here in the US. These come with little to no collision sensitivity built in - all in an effort to make “health conscious” furniture “affordable.”

Accidents are usually rare in a data pool. But when the numbers of that pool grow as we reach millions of motorized, adjustable height pieces of furniture, it’s time to start asking questions about the safety expectations of these products.

Innovant Wins Major Commercial Contracts with FORm_office Adjustable Height


Innovant, a leader in collaborative work environments, announces two major commercial contracts for height adjustability. 

A large financial services client selected Innovant’s FORm_office Adjustable Height bench as the workstation standard for its 2,300 person Newport Beach-based headquarters. The product was also chosen by a global pharmaceutical company as its new national workstation standard.

Both companies selected Innovant’s FORm_office Adjustable Height bench over solutions from the top five major furniture manufacturers. According to Innovant, 50 percent of all incoming requests for proposals for new workplace standards incorporate height adjustability into workstation specifications.

“While adopting a new workplace strategy, it’s not easy for every client to achieve their complete wish list when it comes to furniture. I believe [this pharmaceutical company] found in Innovant and the FORm_office product a solution to meet all their objectives.” – Charles Braham, President at Innovant

Both clients evaluated the products in a formal review process before making their selections. With these latest victories, Innovant has truly taken a leadership position in the height adjustable open plan benching marketplace since launching the groundbreaking product in 2012.

“What sets this product apart is the level of consideration given to all of the consequences created by an adjustable height, open plan workstation.” – Bruce Wells, Director of Marketing & Development at Innovant

This FORm_office product line won Best in Show at NeoCon 2012. It addresses the significant health concern associated with employees sitting at a desk for hours a day.

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