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Innovant Designs Breakthrough Standing Height Version of FORm_office Benching System


For collaborative offices concerned with employee health, workplace aesthetic and cost, Innovant’s standing height system is the ideal choice.

The standing height bench bridges the gap between Innovant’s standard FORm_office system and its adjustable height bench by raising the height of the work surface. At this elevation, users have the option to stand or sit at the desk using stool-like task chairs.

“Many clients are challenged both by the cost of adjustable height furniture and the aesthetic it creates.  A sophisticated standing height benching system may be the answer that has been hiding in plain sight for years.” - Bruce Wells, Director of Marketing & Development

The standing desks are a breakthrough for office health concerns. As more studies and news articles convey the ill effects of sitting for extended periods of time, Innovant’s standing height bench provides a comfortable and healthy choice, without the additional cost required for an adjustable height mechanism.

Aesthetically speaking, Innovant’s standing height bench overcomes some of the concerns posed by adjustable height. Unlike adjustable work surfaces, which can compromise the appearance of a workplace landscape when set at different heights, standing height desks produce a clean, uniform look. Additionally, since it can be difficult to hide stray cabling under a moving work surface, Innovant’s standing height bench keeps unsightly cables hidden from view.

“The product has just been deployed in a downtown New York City location for an international media company. Our entire office is buzzing with the health, aesthetic and financial implications of standing height benching. It’s a revelation.” – Deborah Herr, Marketing Designer

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