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S4 Featured in February’s Issue of Contract Magazine 

In this month’s issue of Contract Magazine, FORm_office is featured in the 33rd Annual Interiors Awards for large offices with Perkins + Will. Innovant provided over 350 workstations helping create a beautiful, tranquil, open plan environment in the heart of Chicago.

Throughout the space one key element that allows the traders  to connect their work with their office surroundings is through their desk. It is the single element where the technology and organic nature of the floor meet at a single point. Innovant’s FORm_office S120 desks were picked as the perfect medium to connect these two opposing elements together. The desks extend the organic nature of the office beyond just the solid structural walls, by seamlessly integrating the core elements of the business with the design aesthetic envisioned for the space. They combine both the white and maple surfaces used for the ceiling and walls to create a single platform, which wraps around the entire floor to connect the entire space. Managing Principal Tom Kasznia from Perkins + Will said, “Natural elements, for example how water flows, gave us ideas for shape clustered desking systems for all open office areas allowing for one aesthetic to create a visual flow. The fully system addresses the traders’ needs specifically.” The S120 desk greatly appealed to a space, which was designed around these structural columns, as its flexible nature allowed for it to be conformed to the layout of the design.  

Innovant desks help speak to the concept that this workplace “values tranquility” and works to create harmony between technology and the end user. The sculptural like shape of S120 helps inspire those who sit at it. Employing organic accents help remind people of the natural elements in life beyond the working walls.

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S4 Installation in California

FORm_office S4 Installation - Redwood California 

Innovant recently installed Form Office S4 benching system for YuMe Video Ad Network in Redwood. Founded by Jayant Kadambi and Ayyappan Sankari in 2004, YuMe is one of the most innovative leaders in the field of video advertising, directing campaigns for Mini Cooper, Wells Fargo and eBay. Their headquarters are in Redwood City, California, and with sales offices throughout the United States in addition to the European headquarters in London.

Our award winning S4 Form Office benching system elegant and modern complements the urban interior of this unique office environment. The exposed brick walls and the wood beam ceiling are the perfect match for the modern and contemporary Form Office S4 benching system. Its contemporary design, advanced technology and cable management provides creatives with an optimal workstation. Each desk is outfitted with privacy panels, personal storage cubes and data/usb ports for the user’s convenience. Form Office S4 is in a class of its own, perfect for collaborative or ‘touchdown’ spaces like YuMe’s offices are. Furniture that makes for a creative and collaborative environment can also empower your staff by granting new modes of expression. Devoting space that allows this is important, but furniture designed to promote collaboration greatly increases productivity. This is the great contribution that Form Office S4 offers to all creatives of YuMe’s offices, encouraging them to share their ideas and creating a collaborative work environment.

Form Office S4 installation in Redwood has been possible thanks to the full-service dealership Inside Source, which offers office furniture and services to customers throughout the San Francisco and greater Bay Area. They help companies achieve their goals faster and more reliably providing a complete menu of services, including project management, space planning, warehousing and installation.

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Design Innovation & Collaboration

Design Innovation & Collaboration 

“That objective is to find customer problems and solve them with new offerings.”—Roy Luebke 

The world has seen a change in the meaning of the term “Innovation”. The modern day definition seems to have expanded beyond just physical products, to anything from business models, customer experiences, to customer service; anything that brings or increases value to the consumer. These principles should work together seamlessly in every department to generate growth and accelerate economic value.

DMI’s  Roy Luebke points out that “Innovation is a result. Achieving innovation requires a combination of user research, competitor research, and market driver research (i.e. social, technical, economic, environmental, and political/legal evolutions) and analysis of these elements to make sense of the customers’ world and then creatively solve the challenges people have while operating in these worlds.

Innovant’s approach is very much synonymous with this process. Our designs are a result of collaboration with our clients as their needs have evolved over time. Clients and designers choose from a selection of product lines based on the broad needs of their office. From there, a team of designers from our client services department help personalize key interchangeable elements to fit the end users ergonomic needs for their specific job purposes. This strategy has not only been successful for us as a company but has resulted in an unsurpassed level of quality. And, at the end of the day a more satisfied consumer. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a good business strategy translate into very happy clients.

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