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Evolution and Impact of STEEL

Thank you Arch Daily for this amazing infographic about the Impacts of Steel.

“One of the most important milestones in architecture was the development of construction methods in iron and steel. With these methods we have been able to construct stronger and taller structures, while using less materials. The evolution of steel frame construction in the 20th century entirely changed the concept of wall and the support.”

Innovant’s FORm products have a steel structure made up of over 25% post-industrial recycled content. By using a strong frame work our products are able to live multiple lifecycles and reused in new offices, before being disassembled and recycled. 

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FORm Review from Wille Design

“For a recent client located in the San Francisco area, we provided the Form product for their command and control centers and in their training area. Form was the right fit for their complexity and ability to manage change over the long term. After the installation was complete, the customer, of their own initiative, expanded the extent of product and areas to receive Innovant’s Form product. I think that speaks for itself. The customer’s IT services team were also extremely impressed with the accessibility and ease of integrating their technology requirements within the consoles. Innovant’s consoles have now been successfully installed in several of facilities with very positive reception in all instances." Read More>

- Robin Wille, LEED AP, President at Wille Design

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