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Expert Series: Simplify Your (Work) Life

by Rocky Lotito, Account Executive


The first week of August marks “Simplify Your Life Week,” a time for us to reevaluate our lifestyles, habits, and environments in order to rid ourselves of clutter. Doing away with needless items and time-consuming busywork frees up both physical and mental space for the things that are most important. This kind of prioritizing is vital in the workplace, where minutiae can pile up faster than we can get rid of it unless we take the initiative to organize (read: simplify) our lives.

With this in mind, Innovant provides several methods for office-life simplification, including:

Cable Management: Innovant’s sophisticated cable management system not only hides unsightly, spaghetti-like cables from view, it also provides practical elements for organizing visible cabling. Combinations of grommets, brush strips, and center well cable drops offer users multiple options for cleanly running tabletop cables to hidden power supplies. Desktop power options even allow users to plug in transient items like cell phones and tablets without disrupting permanent cabling for workstation items. This management system allows workstations to maintain an orderly appearance, while also preventing any accidental trips over cords that could endanger workers or accidentally power down critical systems.

Storage: Our clients often seek storage options that don’t occupy too much real estate. Innovant’s storage pedestals fit neatly below workstations for seamless storage integration. Whether static or mobile, these modular storage units provide flexibility that can account for future growth. Worktop storage cubes, which do not require tools for installation or removal, can be easily placed anywhere along a work surface. This provides end-users with dedicated places to store critical items and papers for easy access. Other below-work surface items like bookcases or trash receptacles offer versatile storage solutions to keep workstations free of clutter.

Technology Integration: Innovant desks make it easier than any other brand of furniture for clients to make hardware and cabling changes. IT staff can deftly access the raceway from above through either flip-up panels or slide-out worktops. This means staff can make major technology adjustments without ever having to get their knees dirty. Additionally, the generous size of our raceway provides maximum flexibility for mounting and arranging devices. This ensures that there is no mess within the frame, rendering neat and effective IT planning permanently viable.

Center Well Accessories: Placing accessories in the center well also helps keep workstations neat and orderly. These accessories eliminate the need for workers to bring their own gadgets, which disrupts workplace uniformity. Options include center well task lights that come in a variety of forms and finishes, all of which integrate seamlessly into the raceway. We also offer several power units, including a flush-mounted unit that can pop open for use or snap closed when not in use. Finally, though the pencil tray infill is a simple item, it provides users a place to corral pens, pencils, markers, etc., all of which tend to be the most likely culprits of desktop clutter.

By incorporating such features into our products, Innovant has successfully tailored its workstations for countless clients, which helps ensure employee productivity.