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Is Your Office Making You Unproductive?


Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal posted an article about office life, which posed the question, “Is your office making you unproductive?” The author, Rachel Emma Silverman, cited a new study performed by a global design firm that discovered collaborative environments with open plan layouts or low cubicles have “compromised workers’ ability to concentrate.”

Looking deeper into this topic, the study also found that workplaces featuring “both quiet spaces and collaborative areas… giv[ing] employees a choice of where they’d like to work” were the most effective. This mix of private and open work areas help boost productivity because employees are able to choose the appropriate work environment depending on the task at hand.

Innovant has recognized this need to mitigate the potential distractions found in open plan environments. One solution is to rely on breakout spaces for private meetings, individual work, or conferencing. To furnish these areas, Innovant has adapted the signs of both our private office products and award-winning workstations into a single, complementary line of conference products.

To answer Silverman’s question, if you’re feeling unproductive at your workstation, perhaps you need a change of workplace scenery.