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Innovant: Evolution via Innovation

By Mallory JindraimageThe ability to successfully transition into a new market in order to grow is perhaps the defining measure between maintaining a business and skyrocketing into a sphere of innovation inhabited only by the top talent. To say this is a ‘tricky’ venture is a gross understatement, but it’s what growing a business is all about, and it’s certainly attainable.

Innovant is a growing company taking smart, conscientious stops to evolve itself from an expert in one area, in this case the trading desks of the 1990s, to a viable competitor in the broader furniture manufacturing market. The company’s very name self-prophesizes its ability to do so, but only recently has it begun to branch out into new product categories. Now, in its 25th anniversary year, Innovant has 160 employees in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area, plus Chicago and San Francisco who are busy elevating the company to the next level with a broad product offering.

Innovant formed in 1990 (originally known as CBA) as a supplier of trading desks to the financial and energy companies. Its signature claim was introducing to the marketplace the concept of tailoring catalogued product without increasing cost or adversely affecting lead time. In 2008, after opening an office in London, England, Innovant recognized the workplace shift to benching products and decided it was ready to spring from trading out into commercial offices.

“Trading desk manufacturing has changed little in 10 years,” said Bruce Wells, Innovant Director of Marketing and Development, “and trading desk design innovation has plateaued. Trading often cannot take risks – it goes with guaranteed techniques. We knew that benching was going to be the future, and we made a decision to rebrand and expand our offerings.”

Once a company makes the decision to jump into something new, it must address a list of predicable but important questions. What does this new customer segment need? What have they always wanted, and what have they not experienced yet that we can provide? Do we have the knowledge to successfully execute? Or is it too far off the mark/too big a leap? In its leap to benching, Innovant found logical, intuitive answers to all of the important questions.

“A trading desk is similar to a benching workstation, but more sophisticated,” said Mr. Wells. “It has a similar footprint, but there’s about three to four times more technology than normal. And the end user is different. Traders are high-strung, high-demand alpha personalities. It’s easier to scale down a trading desk to suit a typical workstation’s needs than to scale up a typical workstation to a trading desk. In that sense, it was a natural progression.”imageFORm_office™, Innovant’s benching system, offers four types of benching/workstation solutions, all designed with Innovant’s “trading eye” expertise in integrating technology above, below and within the furniture: the full product overview reads, “The other side of the story is inside the bench, where superior cable management, technology accommodations, and rugged superstructure make FORm_office a benchmark of intelligent engineering and clean, contemporary design.” FORm_office Adjustable Height, which won Best of NeoCon Gold for Benching in 2012, utilizes sleek control switch options, and the system can be built with shelving in between workstations to minimize the oft-awkward feeling of not using the same height as the person in the spot next to you.

At NeoCon 2014, Innovant displayed the newest innovation to its benching solutions, FORm_office Standing Height, a fixed standing height open plan workstation that, when combined with stool-height task chairs, allows users to work in a seated or standing position without the cost of adjustable height mechanisms. The solution proposes to benefit “collaborative offices concerned with employee health and workplace aesthetic”, and the logic is there; why not just start with a fixed standing height option and then use a stool height chair to sit? And aesthetically speaking, who wants to sit at an adjustable height desk working lopsidedly three feet below your co-workers on either or both sides? Because the workspace is kept level, the solution is also much more conducive to teamwork and can double as a conference table.

Visiting Innovant’s showroom, one sees the full range of its expanded lines of conference and private office solutions, which it debuted in 2013 and continued to enhance at NeoCon 2014. Freed from the constraints of the concise, predictable trading desk aesthetic, Innovant has also put serious thought into how its product looks. Wells describes the brand as clean, sophisticated and robust, with a determined move to sidestep the Ping-Pong conference tables and beanbag chairs of so many playful workspaces existing today.

“We have a product that balances the drastically different aesthetics of both Silicon Valley and Wall Street.”

Wells cites the company’s strong history of offering affordable customization as an asset that has allowed it to accelerate its position. “The ability to tailor to the extent we can is exciting, and the quality of the full experience we’re offering our clients is so high that they find they can actually achieve much more than what they had expected and still stay within their budget. When they come to our showroom, they receive a tour of what’s possible, rather than just what’s available.”

Securing the fundamentals of excellent customer service and the design quality of product is certainly top of the docket when you’re in transition. And Wells notes that Innovant’s reach extends far past its regional tri-state home market (both its main office and factory are located in its home market) so that a large percentage of its business is now conducted on the west coast. But as Innovant moves past these initial years of expansion to more involved projects, we wonder, what’s next?

“We want to shape the team room. The true collaborative team space, which exists somewhere between the workstation and the conference room where employees can act as a team rather than simply co-workers, is a complicated one.” Innovant’s recent work with two notable technology giants has provided a window into what the needs and parameters of this type of space are.

“This type of space is becoming more and more important in the work environment, especially in light of the mobile nature of how people work and the fact that they very well might not have a personal cube to themselves anymore. We don’t think it’s been done justice yet, and we want to lead that effort.”

Innovant’s recent products demonstrate its ability to evolve through innovation. Its lineup is strong, and we’re paying attention.

Originally published in the Office Insight, August 25, 2014.

Innovant Proudly Enters its 25th Year of Business

July 31, 2014 marks the commencement of Innovant’s 25th year of business. On this anniversary, the company celebrates over two decades of clean, intelligent, and tailored workplace furnishings. imageInnovant proudly celebrates its 25 year milestone as one of the fastest growing office furniture manufacturers over the last five years. This growth is attributable to the success and expansion of Innovant’s open plan workstation product FORm_office™.

After opening an office in London in 2008, Innovant recognized that the open plan office strategy would soon take root in the US. This led the company to launch FORm_office™, which quickly became the top selling benching product in New York City, particularly for prestigious clients with complex technology requirements. Since its inception, FORm_office™ has been selected over competing products from major manufacturers because of its superior engineering, pleasing aesthetic and Innovant’s proven history intelligently integrating technology and cabling within its furniture.

In 2012, Innovant launched FORm_office™ Adjustable Height as an extension to the series and was immediately awarded Gold for Best in Benching at the prestigious NeoCon furniture tradeshow. Since then, Innovant has rapidly expanded its product offerings with the introduction of FORm_office™ Standing Height and the launch of both a private office line and a conference collection; this includes the FORm_AV video conferencing product on display at NeoCon 2014.

Innovant continues to win major benching projects for its high quality products and unparalleled tailoring capability. The company has also set itself apart by offering clients “The Innovant Experience,” a uniquely collaborative design and development process. To learn more about this collaborative experience and some of Innovant’s success stories, view the company’s case studies online.

For more information about Innovant or its office furniture products, please visit

Innovant: The Trading Pros

Scroll through for a sneak peek at our new Trading brochure.

imageFor financial institutions, the trading room is the major profit generator for the company. 

imageAttracting and keeping the highest quality traders is often attributed to sophisticated investments in trading technology combined with cutting edge, ergonomic design in the furniture and work environment.  That is why more and more prestigious financial clients choose Innovant to deliver a winning solution for their trading desk needs.

imageAt Innovant, we promote purposeful design and clean lines in all of our products.  Our development team processes extensive design prototypes so that no performance element should offset the overall beauty of the desk.  As a result, Innovant is the top choice of designers and clients seeking a manufacturer for projects incorporating bespoke design elements.


Innovant Case Study: Societe Generale


With Societe Generale’s US Headquarters lease set to expire in September 2013, the Director of Facilities Management organized an executive committee to study the efficiencies of moving as opposed to renovating. Upon the completion of those studies, it became clear that the company would benefit from moving its headquarters to a
new site.

In addition to this location change, Societe Generale evaluated workplace strategy, determining that it would build out a large trading oor with over 1,200 seats and create “neighborhoods” of benching for its 600+ administrative employees. The bank embarked on an expedition, reviewing all the major manufactures in order to find a vendor that could achieve the required functionality – including adequate privacy and personal storage – while also reflecting Societe Generale’s sophisticated aesthetic standards.  


After a thorough review and comparison of the major manufacturers’ product offering, price and on-site mockups, Innovant was chosen for both the benching and trading desk solutions. This decision stemmed from numerous details in Innovant’s product design that set them apart from the competition. The product is “sturdy, well built, and easy to assemble due to its unistrut frame. The desktop design, monitor arm track and undercarriage framework for wire management are well thought out and manufactured with the highest quality materials.”

Throughout the mockup process, Innovant prevailed in terms of aesthetics, quality and framework. As a result, FORm_trading was chosen to outfit the bank’s trading floor. The product incorporated tailored technology management solutions for CPU housing and access, as well as bespoke personal storage pedestals for a premium fit and finish. Innovant’s proven sensitivity when using sophisticated materials and superior finishing capabilities resulted in the bank’s selection of FORm_office for its administrative benching. The bank’s “neighborhoods” incorporated tailored millwork storage units and end-of-row storage centers using mitered construction. These finely-finished elements afford employees a sense of enclosure despite working in open plan.


By presenting the best solutions for both the trading and benching scopes of this job, Innovant could provide a single-source solution for Societe Generale. Since then, both the FORm_office and FORm_trading installations have received “rave reviews from the end-user community as they are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.”

Check out other case studies on Innovant’s website.


Expert Series Part II: Can trading desk design affect productivity of the trader?

by Bruce Wells, Director of Marketing & DevelopmentimageLast month, I shared some thoughts on what furniture manufacturers are (or are not) doing to deliver productivity benefits to high pressure, high performance employees (traders) in dense, open plan trading room environments. I concluded that for the most part, the limited list of trading desk manufacturers have primarily developed their products to accommodate the IT personnel who service the product. Additionally, a single direction trend to compete on cost has resulted in value engineering to the point where the bulk of the market for trading desks is essentially mature and commoditized. As a result, many trading desks are being specified at a baseline quality level with little to offer in terms of end user benefit (beyond a 60x30 worktop with the same cable and technology management features that have been in place since the 90’s). Though adjustable height work surfaces that allow traders to stand while working is a significant contributor towards enhancing productivity, the reality is that height adjustability was introduced into trading desk design as much, if not more so, for the IT servicing benefit.

In the past few years, our efforts at Innovant to position ourselves apart from competition in a maturing, commodity-like market were focused on dominating the higher end of the market; essentially attracting clients seeking a sophisticated, tailored aesthetic with high quality detailing. It has paid dividends in terms of revenue, but working with more quality- and performance-conscience clients has also provided Innovant’s team with significant insight on design considerations that may deliver productivity benefits to the traders.  

One “high” hurdle question that has been raised is “Can the furniture and technology support at the desk quickly morph the personal environment for the trader from open, interactive and collaborative to closed, concentrative and focused?” The grid-like, high density space planning of most trading floors combined with multi-tier monitor arrays has all but killed the line-of-sight communication and collaboration that the trading floor was intended to deliver in the first place.  

I offered an idea to a friend of mine who trades at a prominent Wall Street bank, “What if the entire trading desk, complete with CPU, phone and display technology could rotate in situ somehow?”  We used business cards on a tabletop to represent the footprint of a trading desk in a common cluster and started rotating them at different angles to see how possible visual sightlines could open up across a room, or how privacy could be accomplished by “cocooning” to achieve better focus.   He loved the idea, but it became clear that the conflicts of rotating rectangles created big problems in terms of practicality. The answer may lie in a radical rethink of how a trading desk is engineered, opening up the concept of separating the raceway, technology supports and displays into free standing elements that can move independently of one another. My colleagues in the Innovant rendering department will be the first to help me conceptualize this. Stay tuned.

Innovant's FORm


by Rob Kirkbride of The Monday Morning Quarterback

In a world where a lot of companies do a lot, but none of it extraordinarily well, it can help to focus on doing one thing right. In a nutshell, that’s the story behind Innovant, an open plan desking company born out of the boom in New York City’s financial firms.

The company makes desking systems and that’s it. But what it lacks in SKUs, it makes up for in quality and corporate connections. Innovant recently won two major contracts: one with a financial services firm and another with a global pharmaceutical company – both highly recognizable names and jobs worth thousands of workstations.

Innovant’s FORm_office Adjustable Height bench was chosen as the workstation standard for the financial firm’s 2,300 worker Newport Beach, Calif. headquarters. The pharmaceutical company chose the product as its new national workstation standard last month. The pharmaceutical company has already ordered desks for 500 at its Tampa and Philadelphia locations and more sites are coming on each month.

They represent two major wins for Innovant, who beat out Steelcase on the desking deal at the pharmaceutical company. Both clients evaluated the products in a formal review process before making their selections. After weathering the financial downturn in 2008, Innovant has gained significant momentum in the height adjustable open plan benching marketplace, especially since launching FORm_office in 2012. “What sets this product apart is the level of consideration given to all of the consequences created by an adjustable height, open plan workstation,” said Bruce Wells, Director of Marketing & Development.

Both companies selected Innovant’s FORm_office Adjustable Height bench over products from the top five major furniture manufacturers. It is notable that Innovant is not competing through a lower price either. The company’s products are at – and sometimes above – its larger competitors. The FORm_office product line won Best in Show at NeoCon 2012. It addresses the significant health concern associated with employees sitting at a desk for hours a day.

According to Innovant, 50 percent of all incoming requests for proposals for new workplace standards incorporate height adjustability into workstation specifications. Height adjustable requests are coming in exponentially more in recent months, Wells said.

“We added adjustable height to benching (in 2012), which wasn’t something completely new to us since we have sold them to financial customers (for some time),” he said. “Height adjustability is becoming a near universal requirement in open plan environments. Very few products allow that option in open plan.”

Up until recently, designers have been reluctant to specify height adjustability in open plan environments because it can look messy if not executed correctly. Desks scattered at different heights can make an office look sloppy. But when aesthetics are kept in mind and the design of the product helps keep the look of the office neat, designers are happy to specify height adjustability. Few manufacturers have height adjustable desks as an option in open planning. The pace of acceptance seems to be accelerating, Wells said.

“We are being asked for height adjustability on almost everything,” he said. “Even in the last 60 days, we are getting more and more requests to participate in projects – and these are large projects – from $100,000 to $10 million. We are seeing adjustable height on at least half or more and that is helping us win those projects.”

Part of the company’s success comes from its focus on a few products. It has desking, storage, conference room tables and the ability to do custom work. But that’s it. It does not sell seats, lounge furniture or anything else for the office. Still, the products they do have are opening the door for large projects. For example, 2,300 workstation financial firm win came first from a request from the customer for Innovant to bid on the trading desk portion of the contract.

“We told them we would be happy to bid on the trading desks if they allowed us to bid on the open plan as well,“ Wells said. “We were able to win the entire building on the merits of our benching product.”

At first, Innovant was looking to supply the customer with static benching desks. The customer asked for height adjustability, which was added later. It is a huge project – a 24-story building that Innovant will fill with desks from top to bottom. Other office furniture makers will supply the seating and other products. Innovant is thrilled to have the desk portion.

“Innovant has a narrow range of products, but we have never been a cubicle manufacturer. We are specialists in the open plan. Historically, we were only a trading desk manufacturer, but with everyone going to open plan, we saw the opportunities there too,” Wells said.

Innovant is not winning projects because it is cheap. In fact, the company takes pride in the fact that its products are superbly engineered with a well thought through product line. The company focuses on the details as well such as safe and effective cabling, pinch points, privacy and other concerns that come when height adjustability is added.

The company has quietly emerged from the New York financial market and is beginning to gain traction in other sectors. “We are doing our best to get discovered,” Wells said. “We have been walking the alleys of New York City and Chicago for the last 20 years, but we have really emerged strongly out of the last recession. We are becoming a darling for big specifiers.”

Based in New York, Innovant has manufacturing in Long Island. It also has showroom offices in Chicago and San Francisco. The company was started in 1990 by industry veterans Charles Braham, Garrett Pluck and Joan Gullans and it fed off the growth of the financial sector, specializing in the relocation of banks, investment firms and hedge funds. The company continues to branch out from there.

This article was originally published in the October 7-13, 2013 edition of The Monday Morning Quarterback, "The Business of Furniture.”

Expert Series: Can trading desk design affect productivity of the trader?

by Bruce Wells, Director of Marketing & Development

imageFor decades, trading desk manufacturers have attempted to leapfrog each other’s product value by building what I have always called “the better mousetrap.” Predominantly, this has involved a never-ending development cycle to improve the performance of IT and cable management as technology changes from year to year and client to client, which ultimately results in faster, more efficient moves, adds and changes. This design evolution, however, has mostly effected the efficiency of the IT and facilities support teams that keep the trading floor functioning.  

One noticeable design evolution, for which I believe trading desk manufacturers deserve significant credit, is the development of multi-screen monitor arm products. These now ubiquitous products directly improve user productivity. However, my experience tells me that monitor arm selection for the trading room continues to lie in the hands of IT as they are the ones tasked with installing, relocating and servicing the product, not the traders.

So, can we say that trading desk design development over the past two decades has had a direct impact on the productivity of the traders themselves? No doubt, some in our field will take offense to this question. Designers and engineers of leading trading desk manufacturers take great pride in their work, seeing their efforts as sophisticated, unique and forward-thinking. These meticulous efforts are all undertaken in the name of delivering ROI and garnering respect amongst IT leaders and facility management in the financial marketplace. 

Over the past 18 years I have been involved in the development of four highly successful trading desk product lines that have been deployed worldwide by many of the most prestigious financial institutions. But when a marketplace design consultant recently asked me, “Can you help me understand how trading desk design directly impacts trader productivity?” I had to acknowledge the reality that this has not been the focus of trading desk manufacturers because our “client” is largely facilities and IT, not the end user. Most trading desks, irrespective of manufacturer and internal design, are essentially the same in: height (including adjustable height), depth, legroom, width, etc. – all predetermined by industry norms or client standards.  Additionally, notwithstanding noticeable variances in workmanship and design quality, all trading desks are fundamentally made of the same materials. With such limitations, what can be done in trading desk design to boost trader productivity without sacrificing the impact on those who service the trading desks and the technology within them?

In the coming weeks I will be posting some personal conclusions from my experiences within the niche world of the trading floor. I will also discuss some of the exciting new furniture designs and workplace strategies being deployed outside of the financial sector by some of the fastest growing companies in the world.  I can tell you from recent experience that these bold moves will inevitably draw attention from Wall Street.

GreenLock™: Innovant's Exclusive Sustainable Wood Finish

imageInnovant is proud to announce its successful launch of GreenLock™, a rigorously tested, alternative wood finish developed in tandem with expert chemical engineers. Over 10,000 open plan Innovant workstations have been treated with this breakthrough process in the first year of deployment, helping many clients exceed their projects’ LEED goals. This formaldehyde-free finish is as durable and lustrous as standard varnishes, but with a measurable decrease in TVOC emissions.

When used with select materials, Innovant’s GreenLock-finished FORm products are certified to Indoor Advantage Gold by Scientific Certification Systems. Products carrying this certification contribute to LEED Low Emitting Materials Credit EQ 4.5 and help maintain better air quality in the workplace.

Since 2010, when Innovant first set out to develop a sustainable finish program, the company has seen a continued tendency towards large-scale, open plan installations utilizing an abundance of wood - particularly for clients seeking a distinguished quality for their new headquarters. As requests for heavily wood-cased projects increased, Innovant recognized a gap in the marketplace for sustainable, yet durable finish options.

Though standard wood finishing products offer a lustrous finish and great durability, they contain dangerously high levels of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (suspected and known carcinogens). On the other hand, water-based finishes offer a lower emissions rate in the workplace, but do not stand up to daily wear, including contact with cleaning products or other liquids. Innovant’s new GreenLock™ formula bridges this gap.

“Innovant is unique in the marketplace for our ability to offer open plan workstations in a wood veneer finish that meets LEED and Living Building Challenge requirements without compromising durability or luster.” – Eli Shapiro, LEED AP, Vice President

For more information about Innovant, its GreenLock™ finish program, or any other products, please visit

Expert Series: Simplify Your (Work) Life

by Rocky Lotito, Account Executive


The first week of August marks “Simplify Your Life Week,” a time for us to reevaluate our lifestyles, habits, and environments in order to rid ourselves of clutter. Doing away with needless items and time-consuming busywork frees up both physical and mental space for the things that are most important. This kind of prioritizing is vital in the workplace, where minutiae can pile up faster than we can get rid of it unless we take the initiative to organize (read: simplify) our lives.

With this in mind, Innovant provides several methods for office-life simplification, including:

Cable Management: Innovant’s sophisticated cable management system not only hides unsightly, spaghetti-like cables from view, it also provides practical elements for organizing visible cabling. Combinations of grommets, brush strips, and center well cable drops offer users multiple options for cleanly running tabletop cables to hidden power supplies. Desktop power options even allow users to plug in transient items like cell phones and tablets without disrupting permanent cabling for workstation items. This management system allows workstations to maintain an orderly appearance, while also preventing any accidental trips over cords that could endanger workers or accidentally power down critical systems.

Storage: Our clients often seek storage options that don’t occupy too much real estate. Innovant’s storage pedestals fit neatly below workstations for seamless storage integration. Whether static or mobile, these modular storage units provide flexibility that can account for future growth. Worktop storage cubes, which do not require tools for installation or removal, can be easily placed anywhere along a work surface. This provides end-users with dedicated places to store critical items and papers for easy access. Other below-work surface items like bookcases or trash receptacles offer versatile storage solutions to keep workstations free of clutter.

Technology Integration: Innovant desks make it easier than any other brand of furniture for clients to make hardware and cabling changes. IT staff can deftly access the raceway from above through either flip-up panels or slide-out worktops. This means staff can make major technology adjustments without ever having to get their knees dirty. Additionally, the generous size of our raceway provides maximum flexibility for mounting and arranging devices. This ensures that there is no mess within the frame, rendering neat and effective IT planning permanently viable.

Center Well Accessories: Placing accessories in the center well also helps keep workstations neat and orderly. These accessories eliminate the need for workers to bring their own gadgets, which disrupts workplace uniformity. Options include center well task lights that come in a variety of forms and finishes, all of which integrate seamlessly into the raceway. We also offer several power units, including a flush-mounted unit that can pop open for use or snap closed when not in use. Finally, though the pencil tray infill is a simple item, it provides users a place to corral pens, pencils, markers, etc., all of which tend to be the most likely culprits of desktop clutter.

By incorporating such features into our products, Innovant has successfully tailored its workstations for countless clients, which helps ensure employee productivity.

Expert Series: Storage as Separation

by Julie May, Strategic Account Executive

Making the change from cubicles to open plan office environments is a major shift for any organization. Two of the biggest concerns we hear from clients are:

“We need to make sure that our employees have as much storage as they do now.”

“Our employees are used to having privacy. They sit in 6’x8’ cubicles with 60”H privacy panels.”

These are understandable concerns.

There are many factors that drive organizations to move into densified, open environments (see previous post, "Expert Series: The Changing Workplace" for common factors). Under these parameters, the application of multi-functional solutions help address many of these concerns. 

One effective solution that Innovant has routinely provided to address these concerns is the use of storage elements that serve multiple purposes: create division, provide extra surface space, and establish additional informal meeting spaces.

Face-to-Face Storage as Separation: The personalized storage cubby units that sit in the center channel of a double-sided benching cluster do not take up any additional real estate. They provide plenty of above-work surface storage for books, binders, and personal effects, while also providing separation between colleagues. This separation helps provide a sense of privacy, while sitting low enough to meet LEED Daylighting requirements.


Side-by-Side Storage as Separation: The bookcases and storage units pictured below are at 42”H and divide colleagues that sit side-by-side, while minimizing the overall footprint of each user position. Storage can be configured with different components depending on the client’s requirements. These units can also function as informal meeting areas.

These types of solutions help maintain privacy and provide storage, while also keeping the open plan “open” and conducive for collaboration. As Innovant continues to evolve with the ever-changing workspace, these types of storage solutions are flexible and easy to modify, which enables users to replace their storage units with new solutions in the coming years.



This product range was developed in order to address the complexities of open plan environments. Breakout spaces for private meetings or conferencing are vital for creating a collaborative yet productive work environment. With this in mind, Innovant seamlessly adapted the designs for both its private office products and award-winning workstations into a single, complementary line of conference products. This line includes tables, “Big” and “Small,” and casegoods, such as credenzas and wall units.

Visit Innovant’s website for more information about it’s line of Conference Products.

Innovant’s San Francisco Open House Draws Bay Area Design Community to New Showroom


Last week, on May 15 & 16, Innovant hosted members of the San Francisco interior design community, along with several of their dealers at their new Bay Area showroom. Guests converged on the showroom located at 607 Market Street, which sits directly on the line between the Financial District and SoMa.

While sipping on martinis and snacking on fresh-shucked oysters, guests explored the new showroom space which features a variety of Innovant products. The list includes Innovant’s award-winning FORm_office bench with integrated adjustable height,  a 120° bench configuration, tailored workstations, as well as private office and conference room furniture.

For more information about the San Francisco showroom, please contact Bay Area Regional Manager, George Schoenwald, at info(at)innovant(dot)com or call 415.515.8970.