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Innovant recently completed the installation of a television network’s corporate headquarters in New York City. Splashes of color and a mix of materials were applied to Innovant’s award-winning adjustable height bench. These aesthetic flourishes complement the surrounding environment for this creative client. Check out other installations on Innovant’s new Featured Installations webpage.

Innovant's Open Plan Office Products Now on Display at Brookfield’s Innovative DesignHive in Los Angeles

Innovant’s FORm_office Adjustable Height, FORm_AV, PRIVATE_office, and new NIGEL Desking products will be on display at DesignHive in Gensler’s innovative spec suite. 

DesignHive is a forward-thinking spec suite design project introduced by Brookfield to meet the changing needs of modern space users. Six leading Los Angeles architectural firms have designed 3,500-4,500 suites that showcase a next generation work environment. Each of the six suites are geared toward a specific industry, including creative, tech, media, financial, legal, and professional services. DesignHive not only serves as an experiential idea generator for those exploring progressive workplace solutions, but also offers immediate leasing and move-in opportunities for smaller tenants.

Gensler’s DesignHive suite is geared towards the legal industry. With the practice of law undergoing a fundamental transformation in the way work is acquired and done, the need for faster and more agile law firms has emerged. This means that the law office of the future will likely be smaller, flexible, more collaborative, and technology enabled. In order to adapt to these future needs and work styles, the key is to build flexibility into today’s legal workplace. Gensler’s DesignHive suite, furnished with Innovant’s open plan office products, exhibits the flexibility that’s needed for a smooth transition into the law office of the future.

This progressive work environment can be seen at the Wells Fargo Center-South Tower, located at 355 South Grand Avenue on Bunker Hill. For more information about Innovant or its products, please visit

Innovant Wins Contract for Global Investment Management Firm Headquartered in Manhattan

Innovant, a leader in collaborative work environments, announces another noteworthy commercial contract scheduled for completion in August 2015.

A private investment management firm has selected Innovant’s FORm_office Adjustable Height bench as the workstation standard for its New York City headquarters. The firm has also selected Innovant’s PRIVATE_office product to furnish almost 90 perimeter and core offices, accommodating 100 employees.

Despite recent workplace trends shifting towards open plan designs, a significant portion of the staff will retain private offices. Efficiently sized, these offices require workstations with reduced footprints. The casegoods specification process was therefore adapted for untraditional dimensions. Through a unique development process, the client gained direct access to Innovant’s team. This enabled Innovant to match the client’s original design intent with a cost-effective solution.

Designed in partnership with architecture firm Shelton, Mindel & Asscoiates, Inc., in association with A+I, each of the private offices reflect a unified standard of cantilevered adjustable height desks integrated directly into workwalls. This product capability, along with Innovant’s sophisticated visualization tools, drove the award.

“The design team originally approached Innovant because of our expertise in adjustable height furniture. They initially considered the private office design to be so special that only a millworker would be successful. We demonstrated how Innovant could tailor existing private office casegoods to incorporate cantilevered adjustable height desks. By applying our mass production knowledge to all of the tailored elements, Innovant also delivered the best price.” – Eli Shapiro, Vice President at Innovant

In addition to the tailored private offices and over 140 workstation positions, Innovant will construct over 170 millwork pieces. These pieces include benches, tack boards and conference room workwalls with Day-2 capabilities for integrating adjustable height desking.  

For more information about Innovant, its FORm_office™ benching, or PRIVATE_office product, please visit