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Offices That Make You Work Harder

Innovant Private Office

Offices That Make You Work Harder 

In a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, four design firms were challenged to configure a 15-foot by 15-foot space for a hypothetical midlevel executive. The firms were asked, “to envision a space that could inspire ideas and increase productivity.” In today’s world, the private office seems to cut managers off from the larger more general workforce. Each of the design firms sought to integrate the private office better with the floor by creating a open, accessible offices that utilized the use of entire glass walls. These walls were the first barriers that broke down the walls between employee and their manager, as it allowed for the average employee to be able to see what their manager was doing.

These inspiring renderings of the modern private office shed light on an important aspect of where the workplace is shifting. From seeing how fast companies can grow in today’s world, this concept of openness and accessibility seems to be shaping how the modern office is coming to be defined. In order to inspire your employees, leaders are realizing that they need to become more accessible and open to discussion of ideas rather than remaining the dissociative and closed off. It is about stimulating a culture that wants to continually bring ideas to the table, and share their findings on how to make their business better. These new office designs bring light to the office and employees by changing the concealed private office to one that is aware and open to everything that is going on. 

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