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Creating An Office Where Ideas Flow

In a recent article from the Fast Company Magazine, Perkins + Will’s Gina Berndt discussed the key ingredients she believed were needed to build an office that fostered a creative spirit. Although businesses can’t transform themselves solely by the design of their office, it can play largely into helping foster creativity within the employees. Some of the tips she suggests when designing an office include: engaging different perspectives in order to promote collaboration, providing an anchor in order to always bring employees back to the office, design for efficiency by making your office design plan flexible and adaptable to change, supporting different working styles by allowing employees to be inspired through the different meeting places in the office, adapting to the quickly changing technology, embracing shifting demographics from the different generations coming into the workforce, addressing wellness holistically by creating a healthy working environment, and finally making sure your office expresses who you are as a brand and how you want both your employees and the outside world to see your company. These tips can transform any dated workplace into one that inspires employees for the future.