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Innovant Proudly Enters its 25th Year of Business

July 31, 2014 marks the commencement of Innovant’s 25th year of business. On this anniversary, the company celebrates over two decades of clean, intelligent, and tailored workplace furnishings. imageInnovant proudly celebrates its 25 year milestone as one of the fastest growing office furniture manufacturers over the last five years. This growth is attributable to the success and expansion of Innovant’s open plan workstation product FORm_office™.

After opening an office in London in 2008, Innovant recognized that the open plan office strategy would soon take root in the US. This led the company to launch FORm_office™, which quickly became the top selling benching product in New York City, particularly for prestigious clients with complex technology requirements. Since its inception, FORm_office™ has been selected over competing products from major manufacturers because of its superior engineering, pleasing aesthetic and Innovant’s proven history intelligently integrating technology and cabling within its furniture.

In 2012, Innovant launched FORm_office™ Adjustable Height as an extension to the series and was immediately awarded Gold for Best in Benching at the prestigious NeoCon furniture tradeshow. Since then, Innovant has rapidly expanded its product offerings with the introduction of FORm_office™ Standing Height and the launch of both a private office line and a conference collection; this includes the FORm_AV video conferencing product on display at NeoCon 2014.

Innovant continues to win major benching projects for its high quality products and unparalleled tailoring capability. The company has also set itself apart by offering clients “The Innovant Experience,” a uniquely collaborative design and development process. To learn more about this collaborative experience and some of Innovant’s success stories, view the company’s case studies online.

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Innovant's FORm


by Rob Kirkbride of The Monday Morning Quarterback

In a world where a lot of companies do a lot, but none of it extraordinarily well, it can help to focus on doing one thing right. In a nutshell, that’s the story behind Innovant, an open plan desking company born out of the boom in New York City’s financial firms.

The company makes desking systems and that’s it. But what it lacks in SKUs, it makes up for in quality and corporate connections. Innovant recently won two major contracts: one with a financial services firm and another with a global pharmaceutical company – both highly recognizable names and jobs worth thousands of workstations.

Innovant’s FORm_office Adjustable Height bench was chosen as the workstation standard for the financial firm’s 2,300 worker Newport Beach, Calif. headquarters. The pharmaceutical company chose the product as its new national workstation standard last month. The pharmaceutical company has already ordered desks for 500 at its Tampa and Philadelphia locations and more sites are coming on each month.

They represent two major wins for Innovant, who beat out Steelcase on the desking deal at the pharmaceutical company. Both clients evaluated the products in a formal review process before making their selections. After weathering the financial downturn in 2008, Innovant has gained significant momentum in the height adjustable open plan benching marketplace, especially since launching FORm_office in 2012. “What sets this product apart is the level of consideration given to all of the consequences created by an adjustable height, open plan workstation,” said Bruce Wells, Director of Marketing & Development.

Both companies selected Innovant’s FORm_office Adjustable Height bench over products from the top five major furniture manufacturers. It is notable that Innovant is not competing through a lower price either. The company’s products are at – and sometimes above – its larger competitors. The FORm_office product line won Best in Show at NeoCon 2012. It addresses the significant health concern associated with employees sitting at a desk for hours a day.

According to Innovant, 50 percent of all incoming requests for proposals for new workplace standards incorporate height adjustability into workstation specifications. Height adjustable requests are coming in exponentially more in recent months, Wells said.

“We added adjustable height to benching (in 2012), which wasn’t something completely new to us since we have sold them to financial customers (for some time),” he said. “Height adjustability is becoming a near universal requirement in open plan environments. Very few products allow that option in open plan.”

Up until recently, designers have been reluctant to specify height adjustability in open plan environments because it can look messy if not executed correctly. Desks scattered at different heights can make an office look sloppy. But when aesthetics are kept in mind and the design of the product helps keep the look of the office neat, designers are happy to specify height adjustability. Few manufacturers have height adjustable desks as an option in open planning. The pace of acceptance seems to be accelerating, Wells said.

“We are being asked for height adjustability on almost everything,” he said. “Even in the last 60 days, we are getting more and more requests to participate in projects – and these are large projects – from $100,000 to $10 million. We are seeing adjustable height on at least half or more and that is helping us win those projects.”

Part of the company’s success comes from its focus on a few products. It has desking, storage, conference room tables and the ability to do custom work. But that’s it. It does not sell seats, lounge furniture or anything else for the office. Still, the products they do have are opening the door for large projects. For example, 2,300 workstation financial firm win came first from a request from the customer for Innovant to bid on the trading desk portion of the contract.

“We told them we would be happy to bid on the trading desks if they allowed us to bid on the open plan as well,“ Wells said. “We were able to win the entire building on the merits of our benching product.”

At first, Innovant was looking to supply the customer with static benching desks. The customer asked for height adjustability, which was added later. It is a huge project – a 24-story building that Innovant will fill with desks from top to bottom. Other office furniture makers will supply the seating and other products. Innovant is thrilled to have the desk portion.

“Innovant has a narrow range of products, but we have never been a cubicle manufacturer. We are specialists in the open plan. Historically, we were only a trading desk manufacturer, but with everyone going to open plan, we saw the opportunities there too,” Wells said.

Innovant is not winning projects because it is cheap. In fact, the company takes pride in the fact that its products are superbly engineered with a well thought through product line. The company focuses on the details as well such as safe and effective cabling, pinch points, privacy and other concerns that come when height adjustability is added.

The company has quietly emerged from the New York financial market and is beginning to gain traction in other sectors. “We are doing our best to get discovered,” Wells said. “We have been walking the alleys of New York City and Chicago for the last 20 years, but we have really emerged strongly out of the last recession. We are becoming a darling for big specifiers.”

Based in New York, Innovant has manufacturing in Long Island. It also has showroom offices in Chicago and San Francisco. The company was started in 1990 by industry veterans Charles Braham, Garrett Pluck and Joan Gullans and it fed off the growth of the financial sector, specializing in the relocation of banks, investment firms and hedge funds. The company continues to branch out from there.

This article was originally published in the October 7-13, 2013 edition of The Monday Morning Quarterback, "The Business of Furniture.”



This product range was developed in order to address the complexities of open plan environments. Breakout spaces for private meetings or conferencing are vital for creating a collaborative yet productive work environment. With this in mind, Innovant seamlessly adapted the designs for both its private office products and award-winning workstations into a single, complementary line of conference products. This line includes tables, “Big” and “Small,” and casegoods, such as credenzas and wall units.

Visit Innovant’s website for more information about it’s line of Conference Products.

Is Your Office Making You Unproductive?


Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal posted an article about office life, which posed the question, “Is your office making you unproductive?” The author, Rachel Emma Silverman, cited a new study performed by a global design firm that discovered collaborative environments with open plan layouts or low cubicles have “compromised workers’ ability to concentrate.”

Looking deeper into this topic, the study also found that workplaces featuring “both quiet spaces and collaborative areas… giv[ing] employees a choice of where they’d like to work” were the most effective. This mix of private and open work areas help boost productivity because employees are able to choose the appropriate work environment depending on the task at hand.

Innovant has recognized this need to mitigate the potential distractions found in open plan environments. One solution is to rely on breakout spaces for private meetings, individual work, or conferencing. To furnish these areas, Innovant has adapted the signs of both our private office products and award-winning workstations into a single, complementary line of conference products.

To answer Silverman’s question, if you’re feeling unproductive at your workstation, perhaps you need a change of workplace scenery.

Innovant’s San Francisco Open House Draws Bay Area Design Community to New Showroom


Last week, on May 15 & 16, Innovant hosted members of the San Francisco interior design community, along with several of their dealers at their new Bay Area showroom. Guests converged on the showroom located at 607 Market Street, which sits directly on the line between the Financial District and SoMa.

While sipping on martinis and snacking on fresh-shucked oysters, guests explored the new showroom space which features a variety of Innovant products. The list includes Innovant’s award-winning FORm_office bench with integrated adjustable height,  a 120° bench configuration, tailored workstations, as well as private office and conference room furniture.

For more information about the San Francisco showroom, please contact Bay Area Regional Manager, George Schoenwald, at info(at)innovant(dot)com or call 415.515.8970.