Introducing NIGEL, Innovant’s Beautiful New Desking Product

Innovant has expanded its selection of open plan workstations with the launch of NIGEL Desking.

This new product line features a modern, yet classic design that is both sophisticated and simple to specify. Characterized by a lightweight appearance due to its slim frame and lack of hardware, NIGEL evokes a residential feel in the workplace.

NIGEL is the perfect solution for clients seeking Innovant’s trademark design methodology – clean, intelligent and tailored products – who do not have high-level technology management needs. With a profile that draws upon the universally admired Parsons Desk frame, NIGEL’s quick assembly, knock-down (KD) design allows for efficient transportation, rapid installation and/or reconfiguration.

Available in a variety of colorful finishes, NIGEL allows designers and clients to achieve a signature aesthetic. Collaborative and mobile office workers across different industries - from technology to media, or real estate and design – can also personalize their space with distinctive storage and connectivity features. Whether through unique material selection or adapted storage and privacy accessories, NIGEL can be tailored to suit any client’s needs.

“We created NIGEL in response to our specifier partners who wanted a product with Innovant’s sensitivity to design and user-centric features, but on a lighter scale than our other product lines,” explains Bruce Wells, Director of Marketing & Development at Innovant.

Consistent with all Innovant products, NIGEL delivers a minimalist aesthetic with intelligent and purposeful features that can be easily tailored to meet the requirements of every project.

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