Innovant Case Study: Global Technology Company



In 2012, the world’s largest and fastest growing internet services company set out to source a furniture product to support its distinct video conferencing needs. Frustrated with the lack of suitable options on the market, the company embarked on a close collaboration with Innovant to develop and tailor a unique product.

The client voiced three major concerns regarding sourcing, cost and function. With offices in over 20 countries, sourcing proved difficult given the pace and breadth of the client’s global deployment of new video conference rooms. These deployment expenses were significant, costing thousands of dollars in construction alone just to prepare the rooms for technology and furniture.

Finally, the client’s ever-changing investment in video conference and display technology mandated that the furniture be “technology agnostic.”  With employees constantly on the move from conference room to conference room, laptop charging posed serious concerns. The “Glass Box Problem” was another factor in rooms with no walls for mounting monitors. With all this in mind, Innovant set out to design a solution tailored specifically for this cutting-edge technology company.


Rather than imposing a pre-existing furniture standard, Innovant examined the client’s specific furniture- and building-related challenges. Through this thoughtful development process, Innovant created a complete design brief for a new product, FORm_AV.


FORm_AV contains all client-supplied technology and cabling within a single product assembly. Capable of rigorously supporting up to two 80” LCD monitors, the product’s sleek support stand can be freestanding or joined to a series of 30 conference tables of various shapes and sizes.

Designed to accommodate the working styles of the mobile, video conferencing employee, FORm_AV offers integrated laptop charging and secure cabling for presentations. The product also delivers flexibility in its rapid deployment and relocation capabilities.  A simple connection to a wall box or floor monument is all that is required to deploy a FORm_AV room, saving thousands in construction and cabling costs, as well as days of installation time.


A complete product family of integrated conference and display stands, FORm_AV provides compelling features for this rapidly growing, technology-intensive company. The product has been deployed in over 100 conference rooms, delivering optimal performance and full efficiency for conference rooms all over the world.