GreenLock™: Innovant's Exclusive Sustainable Wood Finish

imageInnovant is proud to announce its successful launch of GreenLock™, a rigorously tested, alternative wood finish developed in tandem with expert chemical engineers. Over 10,000 open plan Innovant workstations have been treated with this breakthrough process in the first year of deployment, helping many clients exceed their projects’ LEED goals. This formaldehyde-free finish is as durable and lustrous as standard varnishes, but with a measurable decrease in TVOC emissions.

When used with select materials, Innovant’s GreenLock-finished FORm products are certified to Indoor Advantage Gold by Scientific Certification Systems. Products carrying this certification contribute to LEED Low Emitting Materials Credit EQ 4.5 and help maintain better air quality in the workplace.

Since 2010, when Innovant first set out to develop a sustainable finish program, the company has seen a continued tendency towards large-scale, open plan installations utilizing an abundance of wood - particularly for clients seeking a distinguished quality for their new headquarters. As requests for heavily wood-cased projects increased, Innovant recognized a gap in the marketplace for sustainable, yet durable finish options.

Though standard wood finishing products offer a lustrous finish and great durability, they contain dangerously high levels of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (suspected and known carcinogens). On the other hand, water-based finishes offer a lower emissions rate in the workplace, but do not stand up to daily wear, including contact with cleaning products or other liquids. Innovant’s new GreenLock™ formula bridges this gap.

“Innovant is unique in the marketplace for our ability to offer open plan workstations in a wood veneer finish that meets LEED and Living Building Challenge requirements without compromising durability or luster.” – Eli Shapiro, LEED AP, Vice President

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