Design Innovation & Collaboration

Design Innovation & Collaboration 

“That objective is to find customer problems and solve them with new offerings.”—Roy Luebke 

The world has seen a change in the meaning of the term “Innovation”. The modern day definition seems to have expanded beyond just physical products, to anything from business models, customer experiences, to customer service; anything that brings or increases value to the consumer. These principles should work together seamlessly in every department to generate growth and accelerate economic value.

DMI’s  Roy Luebke points out that “Innovation is a result. Achieving innovation requires a combination of user research, competitor research, and market driver research (i.e. social, technical, economic, environmental, and political/legal evolutions) and analysis of these elements to make sense of the customers’ world and then creatively solve the challenges people have while operating in these worlds.

Innovant’s approach is very much synonymous with this process. Our designs are a result of collaboration with our clients as their needs have evolved over time. Clients and designers choose from a selection of product lines based on the broad needs of their office. From there, a team of designers from our client services department help personalize key interchangeable elements to fit the end users ergonomic needs for their specific job purposes. This strategy has not only been successful for us as a company but has resulted in an unsurpassed level of quality. And, at the end of the day a more satisfied consumer. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a good business strategy translate into very happy clients.

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