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FORm_AV is a freestanding series of elements uniquely designed for video conference environments. Huddle Tables offer integrated display and technology housing for small spaces, while Conference Tables and dual monitor AV Stands deliver award-winning performance to large spaces. With all cabling seamlessly housed inside the Huddle Tables, Conference Tables and AV Stands, FORm_AV provides superior utility without disturbing the physical environment.

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Huddle Tables  

Various table shapes are available for 3 to 8 people and with support for a single large monitor up to 70".

CPUs are stored in a sling suspended below the worktop. This technology is reachable from above through the bento box (a segmented storage bin recessed into the tabletop). The bento box can be lifted up for easy access and dropped back into the opening without any tools.

Conference Tables  

Rectanglar FORm_AV conference tables are available from 8' to 30' in 18" increments.  The AV cabinet and integrated display stands support one or two monitors up to 80".  When integrated with Innovant’s FORm_AV Conference Tables, the stands provide a fully integrated conference AV platform. This self-contained video conferencing technology eliminates the need for such high construction costs as technology mounting and cable routing through floors and walls.

Tabletop Connectivity

Innovant offers a standard series of easy to specify tabletop connectivity features to accommodate most conference room requirements. This includes tabletop power, USB, laptop charging cords and other connectivity options that are available through quick access panels in the worktop. For advanced connectivity options, Innovant can coordinate with customer IT engineers to integrate their own solutions.