CLIENT: Citigroup


LOCATION: NYC Headquarters



In 2015 Citigroup launched a total interior restack for their NYC headquarters. Included in the restack was a refresh of Citigroup’s global trading desk furniture and technology standards, with over 3000 new trading desks. To keep pace with competing banks, Citigroup partnered with Gensler to build the specification of a trading desk and surrounding custom millwork details that would project a lasting image of quality and performance while also providing the wellness benefit of sit to stand desking. Furthermore, Citigroup’s IT department began to employ larger 27”, 30” and in some cases 43” monitors on the trading desks whichprompted a new approach to ergonomic display mounting.


That same year, Innovant launched our latest trading desk product line called NEO. The monochromatic palette, favored by the Gensler team, mixed with accents of stainless steel and tinted glass were already the aesthetic hallmarks of NEO. NEO’s best in class adjustable height mechanics and unique Piezo anti-collision technology was seen as a must-have feature by the client team and demonstrated Innovant’s commitment to quality and performance in a price driven market. Additionally, Innovant’s design sensitivity in our detailing of the custom millwork printer and trash stations was a key differentiator. Such elements often become the signature features on a trading floor once the desks are occupied by traders and technology. For monitor support, Innovant presented our uniquely efficientand beautifully designed Ag Monitor Arms. Their rapid install and adjustment combined with their ability to scale up or down in features would set Ag Arms apart from the usual competitors while delivering an extremely cost effective solution.


After a lengthy evaluation of the trading desks, millwork and monitor arms, the Citigroup / Gensler team selected Innovant’s products for all three elements. The combination of performance and aesthetics of the Innovant products backed our reputation for quality and performance on large projects was the difference.