NOW Collection

NOW Collection

NOW is a collection of Innovant workstations, desks, private office and collaborative furniture for design-savvy customers with limited budgets and short lead times. NOW offers quality and aesthetics that clients can afford in 8 weeks or less.

REX Benching

Since winning NeoCon Gold for adjustable height benching in 2012, Innovant has been pioneering sit to stand desk design. REX™ Benching is the latest innovation of this concept. Refinements in engineering and wholly unique design details make REX the ideal product for office environments requiring a clean, smart aesthetic with unmatched cabling and technology management. Available in linear, 120° and L-shaped configurations or freestanding tables, REX can be easily specified and complemented with a series of smart storage and accessories.

NIGEL Desking

NIGEL™ offers open plan desking in a minimalist, yet stylish aesthetic that draws upon the universally admired Parsons Desk frame design. Consistent with all Innovant products, NIGEL delivers a clean aesthetic with intelligent and purposeful features. From integrated privacy to clever storage solutions, NIGEL's smart user-centric features support productivity in the workplace.

NIGEL Collaboration

NIGEL™ Collaboration furniture is comprised of two table types: Meeting and Conference Tables. Ideal for breakout rooms and small group meeting areas, NIGEL Meeting Tables are available with rectangular or round tabletops. For larger meeting and collaboration areas, NIGEL Conference Tables accommodate bigger groups around tables with a more robust Parsons-esque frame. Both NIGEL Conference and Meeting Tables are available in standing height with tabletop connectivity and power solutions specified as required.

FORm_AV Conference Products

Innovant’s suite of FORm_AV conference room products are ideal for high-growth organizations that rely on team-based collaboration through display and video conferencing technology. Whether rectangular Conference Tables or P- and D-shaped Huddle Tables, FORm_AV seamlessly houses cabling and other technologies within while displays, cameras and speakers are mounted to a totem. The result is a technology agnostic, fully integrated table and equipment support system that can save thousands in construction and wiring costs. With flexibility in mind, the product can also be quickly installed or relocated for the rapidly changing conference environment.


For many organizations, the private office is less a symbol of prestige and more a necessity for permanent or temporary heads-down work. These spaces are seeing reduced footprints and simplified designs or layouts. Innovant's NOW Collection of standardized PRIVATE_office elements - desks, storage and wall boards - can be combined to deliver a wide spectrum of configurations within reasonable budgets and lead times.

Ag Monitor Arms

AG Arms are a sophisticated collection of monitor arms and accessories that integrate seamlessly with all Innovant furniture products. Whether support for a single display or an array of up to 8 monitors is required, the scalability of Ag Arms provides a unique and efficient solution ideal for all corporate environments.

User Power & Connectivity

Innovant offers a comprehensive range of in-desk and clamp-on personal power options, many of which can be customized to suit exact requirements.

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