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Innovant’s FORm_AV video conference suite is suited for high-growth, global companies with intense video conferencing requirements seeking a flexible and cost-effective, yet stylish solution.

The freestanding FORm_AV stand houses video conferencing technology and supports either single or dual monitors (up to 80” in size). With all cabling seamlessly contained within the technology stand and accompanying conference tables, FORm_AV offers superior utility without disturbing the physical environment.

The product also provides unparalleled flexibility and speed of assembly or relocation for the rapidly changing conference environment. Innovant’s FORm_AV Conference Suite epitomizes efficiency, balancing a minimalist aesthetic with the super strength of its function.

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Display Stands & Technology Cabinets

FORm_AV stands are uniquely engineered to deliver high-capacity display support and technology housing. The stands can be integrated with Innovant’s FORm_AV conference tables to deliver a fully integrated conference AV platform. This self-contained video conferencing technology eliminates the need for such high construction costs as technology mounting and cable routing through floors and walls.

Table Options

FORm_AV conference tables offer unique power & connectivity management and access for technology intensive customers with special requirements, all within a clean and contemporary aesthetic.

  • Options include:
  • -Rectangular Tables: from 8' to 30' in 18" increments
  • -Huddle Tables: P- & D-Table shapes from 5’ to 8’ in 6” increments
  • -Custom dimensions available upon request

Desktop Connectivity

Desktop power, USB, laptop charging cords and other connectivity options are available through quick access panels in the table top.

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