Case Studies

Apparel Company

A New York City-based apparel company undertook a relocation of its headquarters to Midtown Manhattan. Designed to accommodate a variety of working environments, the offices include open plan, private office and collaborative conference spaces. The project team preferred a single manufacturer solution for both the workstations and private office furniture. They required that furniture be well designed but not “overbearing” in an environment focused on new apparel product, not furniture.

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SWA Group

SWA Group, a world leader in landscape architecture, planning, and urban design, recently relocated its San Francisco office to a new space that would better serve its business and accommodate the firms’ growth. Plans for the new office stipulated a sophisticated, open plan furniture system that was capable of accommodating SWA’s particular work style, while also delivering a strong, contemporary aesthetic. Integrating the existing structural columns as a point of interest rather than an architectural obstruction in the layout was another design challenge.

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Gravillis, Inc.

In 2013, Los Angeles-based visual communications company Gravillis had outgrown its small backyard studio, turning its sights on a new downtown office space. Eager to spread out, the 13-person team sought to maintain its original close-knit atmosphere in a larger, more open environment. Despite embarking on a major office expansion, SmithGroupJJR’s Design Principal Mark MacVay was tasked with designing a space that would preserve Gravillis’ “communal spirit.” Plans for the new office stipulated a sophisticated, open plan furniture system that could support the office’s highly creative, fast-paced work.

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Havas Worldwide

When one of the world’s largest global advertising firms sought a single furniture solution that could effectively service its network of different divisions and subsidiary companies, Havas Worldwide and it’s team from TPG Architecture sourced mockups from six leading benching manufacturers. Innovant was a late runner, invited to the mockup as the seventh manufacturer without first hosting the design team at their showroom. The client therefore held no prior expectations about Innovant or its FORm_office product.

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Biopharmaceutical Company

With the joint venture of two pharmaceutical firms came the challenge of merging two distinct cultures, brands and office environments – one European, one American. Thus, the focus for the companies’ new office design was to create a fresh, contemporary and singular workplace signature. Adjustable height desks were specified from the onset as the European partner already used similar products. This decision was also motivated by the influx of firms choosing to improve their desk and staff performance with height adjustability. The challenge, then, was to find office furniture of a high enough caliber for companies that rely on cutting-edge technology for their work.

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Pandora Media

Pandora Internet Radio acquired a new, two-floor office space in Midtown Manhattan to serve as its NY Headquarters. Both the company’s culture and the “abstract, spatial experience” Pandora offers online were inspirations for the workplace design. From break out rooms, to casual gathering areas and heads-down workspaces, the design team sought to incorporate cutting-edge technology, fine materials, and unique shapes throughout the open plan office. Thus, the design required a benching product that could integrate seamlessly into the environment, while remaining sensitive to the client’s desired aesthetics and holding up to daily use.

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Global Technology Company

In 2012, the world’s largest and fastest growing internet services company set out to source a furniture product to support its distinct video conferencing needs. Frustrated with the lack of suitable options on the market, the company embarked on a close collaboration with Innovant to develop and tailor a unique product.

The client voiced three major concerns regarding sourcing, cost and function. With offices in over 20 countries, sourcing proved difficult given the pace and breadth of the client’s global deployment of new video conference rooms. These deployment expenses were significant, costing thousands of dollars in construction alone just to prepare the rooms for technology and furniture.

Finally, the client’s ever-changing investment in video conference and display technology mandated that the furniture be “technology agnostic.” With employees constantly on the move from conference room to conference room, laptop charging posed serious concerns. The “Glass Box Problem” was another factor in rooms with no walls for mounting monitors. With all this in mind, Innovant set out to design a solution tailored specifically for this cutting-edge technology company.

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Private Investment Management Firm

In 2014, a private investment management firm sought out a new workstation standard for its New York City headquarters. Despite recent workplace trends shifting towards primarily open plan offices, the client wanted a significant portion of its staff to retain private offices. With these parameters in place, the design firm proposed a work wall solution for private offices measuring 9’x12’. Efficiently sized, these offices required furniture with reduced footprints and untraditional dimensions.

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NISA Investment Advisors, LLC

NISA Investment Advisors, LLC, manages assets for some of the largest institutional investors in the world. After almost twenty years at its original location, NISA relocated its headquarters in order to double the company’s office space. NISA selected Innovant as the sole source for its relocation after reviewing the industry’s major workstation and trading desk suppliers. “Our design team considered several types of workstations and manufacturers. They recommended Innovant based on the quality, style and functionality of its products,” explained Greg Yess, NISA’s Managing Director and COO.

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U.S. Investment Bank

When this leading U.S. investment bank decided to construct a new headquarters building in downtown New York City, it applied a “fresh start” philosophy to the entire project. This translated into rethinking not just where its employees would work, but also how they worked. How could the office environment itself foster more effective collaboration and productivity amongst staff? The outcome was a first-in-kind solution for a financial services firm in the US: the traditional private office format would be replaced with an open-plan benching system for over 7000 employees. Recognizing that a new format would require new partners, the firm embarked on an exhaustive vendor review.

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Financial Services Firm

This global financial services firm set itself the goal of reducing and consolidating its real estate holdings in the United States. Looking for efficiencies wherever possible, a master plan was developed to optimize the remaining office locations by renovating them from a traditional private office and 6’x8’ format to predominantly open plan benching.

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Global Financial Services Company

In 2013, this global financial services company embarked on a total restack of its US headquarters. Opting to shift to an open plan environment for the first time, the company pursued a new standards program for office furniture. To guide the development of this program, the client selected Innovant over other major US furniture manufacturers for a pilot project. This project, consisting of over 500 positions, introduced the client to Innovant and its benching solutions.

After the trial, the client and design team issued a national standards RFP for open plan workstations, trading desks and private offices. Both desking portions of the RFP posed unique challenges. For the workstations, the challenge was to balance an open environment with sufficient separation and privacy, while the trading desks required a flexible furniture solution that could adapt to future shifts in technology.

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Financial Services Headquarters

In 2012, one of the world’s largest investment management firms set out to construct their first exclusive headquarters building. This move would consolidate their 2300+ employees out of numerous properties into a single location for the first time.

Constructed and furnished to reflect the company’s success, the new building would boast state-of-the-art facilities with a refined design to continue attracting the highest quality workforce. The decision was made to house this workforce in a completely open plan environment with linear benching as the core workstation design. To fulfill this goal, the firm would have to select a vendor capable of upholding strict aesthetic standards on a large scale despite some of the project’s delivery limitations.

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National Bank Financial Group

When the Financial Markets division of Canada’s National Bank Financial Group secured 35,000 square feet of naturally lit, unobstructed space in the former Toronto Stock Exchange, it fulfilled its goal of housing all 155 of its employees in a single trading floor. The move to unite its expertise in fixed income, equity, derivatives and foreign exchange operations into a single environment signaled the bank’s unwavering commitment to delivering integrated services to its capital market customers. The design of the new space would aim to accommodate the diverse needs of the expertise groups, yet lend itself to a collaborative environment that would embody NBF’s “one bank, one client” philosophy.

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Societe Generale

With Societe Generale’s US Headquarters lease set to expire in September 2013, the Director of Facilities Management organized an executive committee to study the efficiencies of moving as opposed to renovating. Upon the completion of those studies, it became clear that the company would benefit from moving its headquarters to a new site.

In addition to this location change, Societe Generale evaluated workplace strategy, determining that it would build out a large trading floor with over 1,200 seats and create “neighborhoods” of benching for its 600+ administrative employees. The bank embarked on an expedition, reviewing all the major manufactures in order to find a vendor that could achieve the required functionality – including adequate privacy and personal storage – while also reflecting Societe Generale’s sophisticated aesthetic standards.

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Financial Services Company

One of the world’s largest financial services companies began searching for a way to deliver a progressive workplace solution to its NYC headquarters. The client’s vision was to create an environment that did not resemble a traditional trading environment. Rather, the goal was to furnish the space with more contemporary, bench-like furniture. To accomplish this, the client required a desking solution with unique aesthetics and personalization options that could function as a trading desk in disguise.

Another major driver of the project was to accommodate the influx of European management cohabitating within the space. Due to some spatial restrictions, the client was required to reduce the number of perimeter offices typically assigned to senior-level management. Thus, the new workstation design would need to create a working environment equivalent to an office.

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Osgoode Hall Law School Library

When Osgoode Hall Law School at York University outgrew its home of forty years, a 1969 modernist building, it commissioned a major renovation to reorganize and expand its main complex. Access to the collections at the school’s library, the largest law library in the British Commonwealth, was hindered by a decentralized layout across five floors and a lack of study space. The renovation successfully resolved these challenges and more, creating a LEED Silver certified state-of-art facility for this renowned law school.

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Fordham University Trading Room

Fordham University’s undergraduate school of business has attracted top students and expert teaching talent to its programs since its founding in 1920. Nine decades and ten locations later, Fordham has built a dedicated space for the school, recognizing that continuing its legacy of educating tomorrow’s global business leaders means developing a workforce well-versed in state of the art technology and tools used in modern workplace.

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