The Innovant Experience

About Innovant

What we term “The Innovant Experience” is a reference to the unique collaborative design and development process we offer to our customer project teams. Our design and development experts bring unparalleled experience to our clients and their designers, offering insightful direction on product detailing, new functionality features, and efficient adaptation of standard and special materials. We are committed to enabling our clients to realize their vision without sacrificing speed and adherence to budget. This is accomplished through a strong company culture and exceptional products.

Superior Product Design

Our product development, engineering, production and sales departments all work with the understanding that the best product design is often a combination of our award-winning furniture lines and features designed by the customer project team. In fact, we encourage clients who first visit Innovant to bring their design ideas forward so we can demonstrate our creativeness in delivering intelligent solutions.

A Collaborative Process

We accelerate the process through the use of the fastest and most sophisticated rendering capability in the industry. Our photorealistic renderings are generated by real engineered components to provide the most accurate presentation of a client’s product. Combined with super-fast prototyping capability, we deliver a collaborative development environment that rapidly moves client teams towards consensus on critical design issues without fear of quality, cost or lead time issues.

Health & Sustainability

Environmental stewardship is a primary component of Innovant’s core philosophy. One of our key missions is to minimize our impact on the environment and to ensure our products are environmentally sustainable. All of our standard products already conform to a variety of eco-requirements and many items can be further configured to maximize LEED credits. In addition to sustainability, we keep health top of mind throughout product development and production. Our products are not only healthy for the environment, but also for the people that use them.

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