Health & Sustainability


Environmental stewardship is a primary component of Innovant’s core philosophy. One of our key missions is to minimize our impact on the environment and to ensure our products are environmentally sustainable. In addition to sustainability, we keep health top of mind throughout product development and production. Our products are not only healthy for the environment, but also for the people that use them.

Environmental Impact Program

Innovant’s Environment Impact Program was designed in conjunction with our operation and production teams, as well as outside consultants specializing in environmental waste handling.

Engineering: Standard panel heights, work surface depths, etc. have been engineered to minimize waste. Innovant not only orders raw goods with this in mind, but also implements software to generate cut-lists that maximize yield. We also sources sustainable materials, including panel fabrics made with recycled polyester and metal pedestals made of automotive grade steel (post-industrial off-cuts and waste) from US car manufacturers.

Just-In-Time Manufacturing: Innovant’s manufacturing processes and lead times minimize the need for overstocking. We rarely store discontinued products on our shelves. We are also able to maximize small-footprint warehousing, even as our order volume increases.

Facilities: With all facility retrofits, Innovant strives to maintain or decrease our environmental impact, whether energy, water or material use. Recent examples include the remodeling of our showroom to incorporate low-flow fixtures in the bathrooms and at our factory where we retrofitted High Efficiency T8 lighting. Innovant’s manufacturing facility also participates in Long Island Power Authority’s voluntary program to minimize power usage during peak demand periods.

LEED Contributions

All of our standard products already conform to a variety of eco-requirements and many items can be further configured to maximize LEED credits.


By design, open plan benching and workstations use fewer materials and are inherently more sustainable than traditional cubicles. Still, we are always exploring new ways to reduce the impact our products have on the environment. One innovation is Innovant’s GreenLock™ sustainable finish program, a formaldehyde-free varnish alternative for clients with heavily woodcased projects.

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold

Based on BIFMA X7.1-2006 and CA Section 1350, Indoor Advantage Gold is one of two USGBC recognized third party certifications that demonstrate adherence to stringent standards for Formaldehyde and TVOC emissions of furniture products. SCS Indoor Advantage Gold environmental certification is current for Innovant's FORm_office (and sub brands), FORm_trading (and sub brands), NIGEL Desking, REX benching, NEO trading desks, FORm_AV, Big Tables, Small Tables, and PRIVATE_office.

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

Guided by the internationally recognized ISO 14001, Innovant strives to minimize any negative effects on the environment.


Standard for Safety for Office Furnishings

Innovant's FORm_office, FORm_office HA, REX and NEO product lines are certified by ETL to conform with UL standards 962 and 1286, and are certified to CSA standard C22.2 No. 68 and 203 where applicable.


American National Standard For Office Furnishings-Desk Products

Innovant products are tested to comply with applicable ANSI/BIFMA safety standards.

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